Affordable Contemporary Phalaenopsis Orchid Silk Arrangement With Planter for Living Room Decor Near Me

Phalaenopsis Orchid Silk Arrangement With Planter is an affordable decorative accent product for your living room decoration ideas. You can buy this product with just $152.40. Decorate your interior or exterior home design like a pro using this Phalaenopsis Orchid Silk Arrangement With Planter.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Silk Arrangement With Planter Details:

  • Includes planter.
  • Bright orchid floral.
  • Delicate round petals.
  • Smooth and lush greens.
  • White planter.
  • Made from plastic, iron wire, polyester materials, bamboo, glue, fiber clay and styrofoam.
  • Yellow color.
  • Made in China.
  • Pot: 12 in. Dia. x 12 in. H.
  • 26 in. L x 26 in. W x 34 in. H (15.5 lbs.).

The curvature of this Phalaenopsis orchids petals shine in contrast to its straight stems. Dainty buds at the end of each branch and lush greens at the bottom complete the arrangement. A classic piece, this orchid would look perfect on a desk or tabletop.

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