Affordable Modern Nearly Natural 6′ Kentia Palm Silk Tree, Green for Living Room Decor Near Me

Looking for artificial plant decoration ideas? This Nearly Natural 6′ Kentia Palm Silk Tree, Green may answer that. With affordable price you can start your living room decorative ideas with just $166.99. Decorate your home with this Nearly Natural 6′ Kentia Palm Silk Tree, Green. Decorate your interior or exterior home design like a pro using this product.

Nearly Natural 6′ Kentia Palm Silk Tree, Green Details:


You’ll want to order a Pina’ Coloda (or a cold lemonade) after gazing upon this beautiful mainstay of the tropics. This lovely Kenita Palm stands 6 feet tall, and has 12 stems and 218 leaves that cascade in all directions, ensuring that wherever you place it, it’s going to seem like a lazy summer afternoon at the beach. Perfect for that screened in porch, living room, office, tiki bar or anywhere else you need some “sun and fun”.


  • Height: 6 ft. Width: 42 in. Depth: 42 in.
  • Category: Silk Tree.
  • Color: Green.
  • Pot size: W: 6.5 in, H: 6 in.
  • No of Trunks: 12. No of Leaves: 218 Lvs
  • Model Number:1368-5308

If you happen to are organizing to decorate your home or office, then most likely you could have considered of working with plants. Preserving plants is known as a great solution as it gives visitors/customers of home/office a relaxed and relaxed feeling. Decorating the house with artificial plants and trees will produce a pleasing environment meeting your taste. Now, people are more into artificial plants, because they are proving to get much more easy than true ones.

Interior designers are more and more making use of silk plants and silk flowers to make purely natural, layered designs. Artificial plants and flowers let you to integrate organic texture and vivid colour into any property decor, developing a complex, still stunning theme.

Once we think about artificial plants the psychological picture usually conjured up is the fact that of the rather dodgy on the lookout plastic plant with tatty silk flowers. All in all, they are a very dismal affair relegated to dingy back street or motorway cafes. This then again, is no longer the case as artificial plants have moved with all the instances along with the twenty-first century has offered forth some really excellent new artificial plant models.

Right now artificial plants are widely used as dwelling decor things for their excellent functions as compared to that from the live plants and flowers. They have attained a large reputation on account of their small maintenance, long life and serious seem. They do not demand any type of watering, removal of dull leaves, including of fertilizers, exposure to sunlight and so forth. to generate appear them fresh and spectacular. So if you are on tour or picnic you don't ought to fear about your plants and whenever you return they are going to be as fresh as they were you when left the house.

Now-a-day artificial plants are produced in such a way that it may possibly readily replicate the actual a single, offering your house a natural search. Materials put to use to organize them is so really good that you just will appreciate leading play with them. They are really created from materials like orchids, fibers, ficus trees etc. Indoor artificial plants will definitely add some colour to your dwelling decor producing the general theme outstanding.

Artificial plants are one of the best property decor objects to your residence. Acquiring artificial plants for the dwelling isn't so hard; actually you'll like it. Indoor artificial flowers could be conveniently bought from online stores. You will discover all sorts of varieties of artificial plants at one place i.e. on-line furnishings retailers.

Pick trees which have hinged branches that you just can be capable to fold down when assembling them. The vast majority of these trees also include a stand thus you ought to make sure that it truly is sturdy and created of prime quality material. The reduce element on the stand has to be produced of rubber to avoid scratches for the floor.

Ensure that you invest in your artificial tree from a shop that provides a guarantee to the tree and lights. A retailer that is definitely ready to support the warranty is usually a much better option than one who will pass the accountability to a third get together. In case you are buying on-line, ensure that you study the pictures closely to get a really good top quality tree.