Cheap Contemporary Small Modern Weathered Red Ceramic Geometric Star Candle Holder Set Bulk Near Me

Bring warm environment to your room. Small Modern Weathered Red Ceramic Geometric Star Candle Holder Set perfect for your decorative accent. This Small Modern Weathered Red Ceramic Geometric Star Candle Holder Set sell fast online. Grab it fast, you can buy this product for $36. Decorate your home are easy like flip your hand using this Small Modern Weathered Red Ceramic Geometric Star Candle Holder Set.

Small Modern Weathered Red Ceramic Geometric Star Candle Holder Set Details :

Pair of Small Multifaceted Earthenware Origami Candle Holders in Weathered Red

Handcrafted In Earthenware And Finished In A Rich Russet Glaze These Geometric Forms Are Based On Origami. Origami Is Now Considered A Modern Art Form After Being Popularized Outside Of Japan In The Mid-90S.

  • Collection: Ceramic Star
  • Finish: Russet Bronze
  • Material: Earthenware

Overall Dimensions in Inches:

  • Height: 3.8
  • Width: 4.5
  • Length: 4.5

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